Sunday, December 7, 2008

Latest news from here...

Here is the latest from South Dakota...
It is cold!
Steph will be home this Saturday. I am so excited.
Melanie went to winter formal last night. Her friends all came to dinner here...there were 12-13 of them. They all wore black but one so I teased them about going to a funeral. We had spent the day at the temple on a youth baptism trip so it was a big, long, day.
Sam and his best friend went to church in Brandon and then drove to church in Sioux Falls and went to the last 1 1/2 of 2nd ward...teens wanting more church???? I will leave the reasons up to your imagination!
We are headed to the Devotional tonight and then over to our friends to see the finale of Amazing Race.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, I finished all the Twilight books, including the online draft of Midnight Sun and saw the movie in 9 days. I have to say, that was the most powerful series I have ever read and I am having a little trouble getting back to reality. Part of me wants to stay engrossed in the obsessive Cullen world. I now understand...