Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Shirley Fun

Shirley told me she felt like she might have a pig cold...we finally figured out she was trying to tell us she was scared she had Swine Flu. At dinner we were discussing Sam being grounded...Shirley looked at Mel and said "Sam is a granddad?" We made monkey bread for dinner and I asked Mel and Shirley to help. She thought it was bread for the monkeys to eat. I told her we would eat it not monkeys...she thought that it was called monkey bread because it is the color of monkeys. I said no and then she thought maybe because it looks like a monkeys tail?!? She thinks the word goofball is fun so she is always calling people a goofball...tonight we were watching football and she got the two confused and called her friend a football on facebook. It is a riot around here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Exchange Student

We have an exchange student from China this year. She is adorable. Funny, respectful, helpful and just a delight. She speaks very good English but some things have been so cute as she figures out the correct usage. For example, we were having baked potatoes with ranch dressing. She wanted some ranch so she asked someone to pass her the potato jam. Then she was taking the skin off the potato and Melanie asked her what she was doing...she said she was taking off its clothes. She is loving seminary. We got her a Chinese Book of Mormon since that is what they are studying. She came home yesterday and was telling me about Lehi taking his family camping...we took her camping over Paul's birthday. She thought that it was very cold. We took her to the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. That was quite an experience. She asked us to teach her to pray and has been offering prayers ever since. We are glad to have her here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ben's hospital stay

I am writing this while I am in need of a very long nap so if there are errors...please forgive me! Sunday night, Paul's parents were here visiting and about 4pm Ben had a seizure while he was awake. This is highly unusual as his seizures always happen when he is sleeping. He had two more within the next two hours and then had 9 while he was sleeping. I kept him home the next morning and he slept until 10 am and then went to school. He did great all day. I had put in a call to his doctor and was waiting for a call back. Tuesday, I still hadn't heard from the doctor and I picked him up early from the school to go to the dentist. He had a seizure in the waiting room and then two in the dentist chair so they cut his visit short. He had two more while we waited for Nate to get done with his appt. He continued to have them every 4-5 make a very long story shorter...we ended up in the emergency room and by the time we got him sedated he had had 47 seizures. He was admitted to the pediatric ICU and they stopped the seizures and have started him on a new medication. His CT came back good but of course the EEG was abnormal but they feel we can control everything with medication. They also gave us a medication for PRN situations and for traveling. We came home about an hour ago and Ben is already sleeping and I am heading that way too.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winterfeast part 2

Here are our pictures from Winterfeast.

Monday, February 23, 2009


We attended the annual WinterFeast this last weekend. I have to admire my husband who is willing to not only dress up in costume with me, but in a kilt! The night was great fun. We had a beautiful dinner of roasted vegetables, potatoes, Chicken Wellington, and prime rib plus dessert. It was more food than I could eat. I had never had Chicken Wellington before. I enjoyed it. The entertainment was fun. A juggler, a magician and a group of singers. I have included some pictures for you to enjoy. Melanie was on a choir trip to Minneapolis but she was able to show up for the last 1/2 hour. Now our Renfest season gets underway. We have trainings, performances and meetings right up until our festival the first weekend in June.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reading...avid or addicted?

As an avid reader, (I say avid, Paul says addicted), I am always looking for a good book. When I finish a series, I always feel a panic sweep over me wondering what I will read next. So, I am all for sharing. Many of my friends and relatives belong to which allows us to share what we are reading and what we have read. It also allows one to rate and review. It is a great resource for finding what to read next. I just finished one of the best series I have ever read...The Nine Kingdoms Series. I read all three is 6 days. Please share your favorite books with me!