Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Shirley Fun

Shirley told me she felt like she might have a pig cold...we finally figured out she was trying to tell us she was scared she had Swine Flu. At dinner we were discussing Sam being grounded...Shirley looked at Mel and said "Sam is a granddad?" We made monkey bread for dinner and I asked Mel and Shirley to help. She thought it was bread for the monkeys to eat. I told her we would eat it not monkeys...she thought that it was called monkey bread because it is the color of monkeys. I said no and then she thought maybe because it looks like a monkeys tail?!? She thinks the word goofball is fun so she is always calling people a goofball...tonight we were watching football and she got the two confused and called her friend a football on facebook. It is a riot around here!


Amy said...

It's like having your own Iris! LOL I wish I could meet her. Hey and I'd probably be just as confused at the casual lingo of another country!

Stephanie Whitlock said...

aww i miss funny shirley comments

Stephanie Whitlock said...

guess what... you need to update your blog more often. i have nothing to read during work.