Monday, November 24, 2008


I love facebook. I have connected with people I knew in grade school, both high schools, other towns that I have lived in, relatives on every side, and so many others. It is such an easy way to communicate. It has saved me from having to make at least one phone call a day. Case in point...our primary pres was sick yesterday and so I conducted. Later in the afternoon she was on so we chatted for about 2 min and I got her all the info she needed. I also can see what is going on in others lives without having to call them up and I can see the pictures they post. It is like blogging at times...except that many of my friends on facebook are men and they aren't really into the blogging thing like this. I reconnected with a friend from middle/high school whom I haven't talked to in 22 years. She is now an art teacher in the school system. I found another friend from grade school who used to tease me something fierce about being a member of the church and wouldn't you know...he joined 4 years ago. Paul is on it too. He has connected with friends from school and from his mission and we both are friends with our children's friends. Sometimes I find out more from facebook than I do from people. Not sure that is good. I know I sound like a commercial. I am just amazed at technology. I never thought I would talk to many of these people again in my life and it has been so fun to do so!

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Amy said...

I like facebook too. I've reconnected with some old friends. It's nice. I'm glad you are getting so much out of it!