Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Exchange Student

We have an exchange student from China this year. She is adorable. Funny, respectful, helpful and just a delight. She speaks very good English but some things have been so cute as she figures out the correct usage. For example, we were having baked potatoes with ranch dressing. She wanted some ranch so she asked someone to pass her the potato jam. Then she was taking the skin off the potato and Melanie asked her what she was doing...she said she was taking off its clothes. She is loving seminary. We got her a Chinese Book of Mormon since that is what they are studying. She came home yesterday and was telling me about Lehi taking his family camping...we took her camping over Paul's birthday. She thought that it was very cold. We took her to the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. That was quite an experience. She asked us to teach her to pray and has been offering prayers ever since. We are glad to have her here.

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Michelle said...

Hey, that sounds like lots of fun. Good experience for everybody.