Saturday, October 18, 2008


Steph spent the last week in New York City. She had a grand time. Went and saw Wicked again and met Glenn Beck and Howie Mandel. She also met lots of business people that I don't know but it was a real big deal to her. She also saw Clay Aiken and Daniel Radcliffe. I am not sure if that is how you spell it?? It is the kid from Harry Potter. She got home late last night and then left this morning for St. George with Scott. They are going to a wedding reception and to see some of his family. She is going to be so tired when school starts Mon. She is going to New Mexico with Scott for Thanksgiving and then he is coming to Sioux Falls during the Christmas break. I am really looking forward to it. Paul and Nate are out shooting at pheasants and Sam is getting ready for work. Mel is at work already and so Ben and I are cleaning house. Sat. have become precious to me since I started working again. I have not found my balance yet but I will adjust soon. I have faith.


Amy said...

I'm glad Steph had a good time in NY. Nate did an interview there, but I'm hoping we don't go there. I've lived in lots of big towns, but NY scares me a little. Steph is fearless! And she is young. Young people don't get tired after traveling around the country. I get tired after traveling to Walmart!

renniemom said...

I don't want her to go to NY either. I kind of don't think she will though. Just a feeling.