Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entering the workforce again.

In less than twelve hours I will be back in the mainstream workforce. I enter it with mixed emotions. Grateful for a job and the money that it will bring but sad to be leaving my days at home where I was free to plan my own time and organize my schedule according to my whims. Now, I wonder, how will I balance working, family, church and my social life??? That is the question of all working mothers. But, I know that I am to do this and with the Lord's help I will be successful. I am excited for the job itself. I am the floor supervisor of the Kirby Science and Discovery Center at the Washington Pavilion. Check out the web page:
It is a beautiful facility and I will love being around the arts all day. Sam also starts his new job tomorrow at Burger King. Wish us all luck!


Jill said...

Hello! So great to read a little about your family. My mom is excited for you to be added to my family list. She checks everyones blogs through mine. Looks like everyone is doing well.

Amy said...

Well I glad you found a job, and I hope you'll like it. Sam with do great too!

renniemom said...

I really enjoyed my first day. It was long and I was on my feet but it is going to be a great job.